Rivers state house of Assembly crisis:Hon Chidi Lloyd apologises for his actions

I have been a member of that House for 10 years, I haven't had any quarrel with any member as our house rules forbids that and imposes a fine of #200.000 on any member who fights another whether within or outside the Assembly.

 I have not been able to tell my story, am writing to you from my hospital bed. I got to work on that faithful day and sat on my sit, the days business hadn't started as members were merely exchanging pleasantries, when Evans walked up to me and beat me blue black, he destroyed the camera belonging to RSTV which recorded the incident, he has himself told his supporters how he beat the speaker, Byke and myself. 

I am not a camera man and didn't go with any. They had everything planned by their sponsors. When the pandemonium started, Victor Ihunnwo advised that I run for my life. The thugs were all there with AK 47. The strategy was to scare or intimidate us out of the Assembly so that they hurriedly carry out an ' impeachment , no matter how. Note that, victor Ihunnwo had told the CP that the order paper included call for his removal, which was a blatant lie. 

The CP on hearing this, co- operated with them. I came back to the Assembly when I got a call that they were sitting, then I remembered what all these was for, I ran back into the chambers and saw the five sitting with an imported wooden mace, an imported ' clerk' and our sgt at arms. I moved in and immediately took the ' mace' with a view to chasing them out of the chambers. Watch the video, you will find Micheal Chindah advance towards me apparently to attack me, it was then I hit him with the wooden mace, because he had a few minutes earlier flogged me with a tripod. 

Please carry out an independent investigation. I am truly sorry I may have over reacted, but they beat me first. You must also look at the crisis in Rivers State wholistically, Evans accuses us of insulting mummy, I have never done that and wouldn't . Some power hungry people have orchestrated the seeming soar relationship between mr. President and the Gov. and have continued to fan embers of war. To all those who feel hurt by my action, am truly sorry...Hon. Chidi Lloyd
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  1. very uncommon, u r truly a leader! u v just shown humility and maturity.


  3. mumu u don't know that God will expose u this way.

  4. Secret cultists life-styles...all of you in R/State HoA, and government.

  5. In My opinion, your paragraph 4 reflects the quality of person in you. In your story, it seems to me your assembly had an initial sitting that you probably abandoned thinking others will as well abandon the state business? You decided to return only after you devised the means to disrupt the legislative session through an untold crude actions...law maker breaking the law?
    Assuming you have relatively functional system, your apologies may only be used to reduce your jail terms after stripping you off any political/elected offices you be occupying..your kinds have places they truly need to show them and that includes jail

  6. My brother,

    Unfortunately, as a Man of God, I must remain Anonymous.

    From the ait program we all watched tonight, it is obvious that Rivers state is being invaded by jobless,desperate, AK47 brandishing Cultists once again.

    I am truly proud of you Hon chidi Lloyd that you are big enough and man enough to apologize in the face of such provocvation and madness exhibited by these 5 misfits masquerading as law Makers.

    These people really should make us all ashamed to be from the same state as themselves. How can these 5 people disgrace Rivers State like this? My houseboys are better educated and more aware! How in God's holy name did they get elected in the first place?

    God help us!

    These Imberciles have been making laws all this time? Unbelivable!! Nursery Schools have more brain power and that is the truth! Shame on them and their shameless Sponsors...

    They should hide their faces in shame and return to the Creeks from whence they came.

    They will never succeed as God lives and as the Spirit lives. They cannot return us to the darkness Amaechi brought us out of just recently. They will be disgraced in a mighty way.

    Watch and pray.

  7. We thank God for all that happened, it is good over coming evil. You apology is accepted.

  8. chidi lloyd....Did u really av to further cum out here to tell such stories.Ur apology is really not needed if it has to cum wit lies.Ur AIT videos we have seen did not show any thug as claimed wit Guns.Pls in as much as we cant do anytin to u it is a wll knwn fact that the entire RVS house members are all thugs and misfits. Tnx fr ur apology but we knw betta.

  9. Chidi lloyd if u claim u were beaten up blue black hw did ur cap remained balanced on ur head no stains on d white cloth u were putting on why were u nt rushed 2 d hosipital u claim u ar speaking frm bt a man who was beaten blue black had enough strength 2 com back in2 d chamber's & attempted murder on 2 honourable member's wat a shame God has expose u. Bloody cultist lik u.

  10. Foolishness Personified!!!, how can Hon Lloyd dehumanize his own Ikwerre brother and he's saying this rubbish. He should end up either dead or in Jail

  11. Who is deceiving who. You are a murder period

  12. Who is Mummy??? Is the Mace your property or a symbol of the authority of the state given to the speaker? You have no respect for the land or the people that elected you. Total abuse of power!

  13. Don Juan-Carlos ABRAXAS (III)July 17, 2013 6:28 pm

    They make the law and break the law, and get paid for their profligate tendencies. Fantastic!

  14. The prayers of the oppressed are beginning to work and the blood of the innocent sheaded are beginning to cry out. Ogboni cult has taking a better part of Rivers State where young boys and girls are deceived into been iniciated and giving Ten Million Naira and a Jeep and in no time they are used for blood sacrifice. God will continue to expose each and everyone of you beginning from the Governor to Minister of State Education and every other blood sucking Politician in the State. Thank God we are seeing the stuff the Law makers are made of, their animalistic attributes can never leave them no matter how much money they think they have. The actions of Chidi Lloyd is exactly the actions of Politicians when it comes to election killing, maiming, kidnapping and even destroying houses of their opponents and perceived enemies. God Almighty will continue to disgrace each and everyone of you. Whether stick or original mace your actions were too barbaric and the stupid Police man put his job on the line for a Governor that does not respect the rule of law, that does not respect court ruling the same court ruling that impose him on the people of Rivers State, arrogance is his fourth name a Governor who can slap his Commissioner, a Governor who insults Traditional Rulers and Institutions. As for you Evans Bipi and your cohorts your actions were unconstitutional so stop making noise of being the new Speaker of RSHA. Michael Chinda truly sorry for being battered by Chidi Lloyd but remember and be wise because you are on your own now in that traumatic condition in pains and receiving treatment, no matter who pays the medical bills ( OYO ) The President and his wife should make peace in Rivers State as fast as they could because very soon lawlessness will be at it's peak in the State and to you CP please do not compromise because if you had compromised you would have been named the best Commissioner of Police in the 21st Century. Youths of Rivers be wise and do not sell your birthright and conscience because of a pot of pottage, many youths have died in the past and they are all now history and forgotten. Do not accept to be a Political thugs their children are overseas studying or taking care of their businesses. God bless River State, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  15. Which person informed the police to come that there will be trouble in the house the next day, otele and yourself; alleged pro amaechi, who did you say was showing off AK 47,who was beat up; alleged anti amechi ability.I use the word alleged because I know not any law maker who is against amaechi but only against certain policies you people have agreed to with which to make rivers people poorer but don't worry, the policy will catch you big time when you leave the assembly not matter how much you people steal.you may deceive Nigerians, you may propagate lies to the whole world but you cannot deceive every one and you cannot deceive God, it is poor hon chinda your friend we pity and better hope and pray to God to touch his heart to forgive you people and not dieor else na attempted murder charge or murder charge you dey face.The truth is obvious to those who can go back memory lane and put together all the events in the house even before the alleged situations of dame, wike etc, stop deceiving Nigerians Abel