I would just love to be disabled

A WOMAN is so desperate to be disabled she is willing to undergo a $25,000 operation so she can live the rest of her life permanently in a wheelchair.

London-born Chloe Jennings-White uses a wheelchair and lives as if she is a paraplegic despite being completely able-bodied and a passionate skier.

The 58-year-old, who now lives in the US with her wife Danielle, said she had wanted to be disabled for as long as she could remember.
But it was only around five years ago that her unusual condition made sense when she was diagnosed with Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

The rare psychological condition makes sufferers feel they want to be disabled.
Ms Jennings-White told The Sun the only thing stopping her from getting the surgery, which would leave her permanently disabled, was a lack of money.

She said she had even tried to have accidents so she could lose the use of her legs and that her surgery dream would be "the happiest day of my life".
Ms Jennings-White even found a doctor overseas who was willing to cut her sciatic and femoral nerves.
She said: "I'll never be able to afford it, but I know I won't regret it if I ever can, and I don't know why it upsets people.

"It's the same as a transsexual man having his penis cut off. It's never coming back, but they know it's what they want."
She admitted she always wondered why she was born needing legs and the first time she sat in a wheelchair, which she had ordered off the internet, felt right.

As a child and teenager she didn't tell anyone about her feelings but would bandage her legs up at home when she was alone so she could pretend she was disabled.

Ms Jenning's wife Danielle had no idea when they met in 2006 but Ms Jennings-White soon confessed after a back injury gave her the perfect excuse to wear leg braces.
It was during the search online for leg braces that she read about BIID for the first time and was relieved there were hundreds of others like her.

Despite Danielle doing all the housework and gardens, Ms Jennings-White said her wife was understanding.
"I told her it had been going on my whole life, and I couldn't stop. She was shocked but vowed to stand by me when I told her it was the only way I could be happy," she said.

Ms Jennings-White has received hate mail and even death threats but insists most of her friends have been supportive and understanding of her condition.

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