My Favorite Place - Doki Wada

What's it with our fascination with "facebook?" Till date, I really find it difficult to understand how this medium was able to take charge of our lives. Happy Viewing!The advent of Information Technology in the 21st century has introduced what I refer to as 'ancillary organs' into our lifestyles, i.e. man-made organs, which serve as addendums to our God given ones- Information Technology buffs emphatically tagged them as 'gadgets.' Classic examples include, Laptops, Blackberry’s, i-pods, mp3’s etc. My favorite place, just like these gadgets, has been contagious in terms of its impact and role it plays in my daily life. I bumped into this place while conducting research for my postgraduate thesis; since then our relationship has been more like an addiction. I am certain of not being the only member of this club.Men are usually attracted to environments characterized by colloquial expressions and ingenious behavior by the opposite sex, especially in their social or professional lives. Statistics have shown that men-as opposed to women-account for most of the patronage in strip clubs, nightclubs and bars. 

The underlying reason behind this phenomenon lies with the opposite sex; men naturally get stimulated when they find themselves around women, especially in gregarious settings. As my dad once exclaimed: “Women are the evil men can’t do without.” Hence, the reason for their prominence in success and failure stories involving men. However, emphasis is often placed on the former, while the latter is always kept subtle. Our holy books decree marriage between opposite sexes because it is seen as a recipe for success-a scary postulation that has proven to be true overtime, despite the fact that most men find it platitudinous.

I visit my favorite place frequently, because it offers me the opportunity to get an unsolicited glimpse and feel of the opposite sex, without necessarily falling victim of their camouflaged malevolence. I once met a lady named Anna, whose aura is comparable to that of Beyonce-all curvaceous ladies would love to believe that they have something in common with the superstar. I have had a couple of stimulating conversations with Nana, whose IQ is comparable to that of Bill Gates-again the comparison to men affirms the existence of a conjugal bond. 

My friend Jeena once proclaimed to me and others at my favorite place, that she was officially pregnant-I would have taken her seriously if I wasn’t a witness to the bottle of Hennessey she gobbled the night before. Anna was willing to engage me in some form of foul play, despite being in a serious relationship- is this not an interesting paradox? Bearing in mind that men shoulder the responsibility of being the "unfaithful half" in relationships.

The plain truth about my favorite place is that it affords me the opportunity to connect with ladies from all works of life, both physically (at least virtually) and verbally, without necessarily being entombed in their emotions. Many relationship-seeking men (the author inclusive), look to this special place as a last resort. Just maybe, thirty years from now, when I am recounting tales of how I went about frolicking with grandma on facebook - to my grandchildren - they would not appear bemused, because such episodes should be the norm in their era, unlike ours where conventional unions remain sacrosanct.

 Posterity will attest to practicality of this school of thought. Come to think of it, all the relationships I have formed with females in my favorite place have lasted a lot longer than those in my past life. On this account, maybe that’s why it’s so dear to me.

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