Pros and cons of having just one child

You may see many people coming and asking your child whether he/she wants a brother or a sister regardless of whether you and your partner want another child. Having one or two kids is solely a couple's decision based on a lot of aspects. We tell you a few challenges and benefits of having one child.

One of the major challenges most parents face is that the society pressurizes  them to have another child. The people who are trying to convince or pressurise the couple may not even know the financial condition as well as other personal things about the couple. Their pressure tends to make the couple completely uncomfortable.

Another challenge you may face is that your child may feel lonely but even this isn't necessary. It actually depends on the way your child is brought up. If you can maintain a friendly relation with your kids, you can be their best friend, sibling and mean the world to them.

Rewards of having just one child are also immeasurable. You will have more money and more time and energy to devote to your kid. Your child will be well taken care of as all your attention will be on just one child and his upbringing.

What you as 'parent' should know
If you are planning to have just one child, make sure you give him/her the best you can. Also, while you do not like other giving you advice, even you should refrain from interfering in other people's family planning related issues. It is something very personal to the couple and no one has the right to intrude in one's personal matter.

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