SHAME! .. The Nigerian Senate Strikes Down Major Protection For Under-Age Brides..

Citizens of Nigeria, are you aware that Your Senate just made it possible for your 10 year old daughter to be taken as a wife? 

Are you okay with being a citizen of a country that chooses not to protect its young daughters from being raped by fully grown men in the name of marriage? 

Are you ok with this being part of the nation's constitution? 

Wouldn’t an immediate investigation for criminal charges on the sexual history of the senators who voted in support of such a rule be commenced in any other country. Even Afghan Taliban know better!

Let's all fight this, we cant let this happen!!

Here's an excerpt from Thisday Live 

"The Nigerian Senate also resolved to alter Section 29 (a) of the constitution that stipulates that a woman shall not be qualified for marriage until she attains the 18 years as they deleted age specification for women being married from the draft constitution and left the marriage age for women open. The Senate claimed that a woman is deemed to be “full of age” once she is married irrespective of the age she did so."
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  1. It is a shame that a man will give away his daughter at such an age. I guess they are trying to say they do not want Nigeria to follow Western standards. Having said that every land has its laws and that is why you can not practice polygamy in some countries while in others children can work without any problems. It is a matter of time, soon enough this too will be history. 100 years ago twins used to be killed in some parts of the world; likewise in USA 50 years ago a black man was a fraction of a man. Things do change. Give it time, but never stop the effort.