Yobe killings: We need action, not sermons, HURIWA tells Jonathan

Human Rights Writers’ Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has charged President Goodluck Jonathan to find and enforce effective and sustainable panacea to the widening cases of terrorism and violent killing of innocent Nigerians in the North East and North Central rather than resort to issuing media statements that sound like evangelical sermons.
The group, in a statement jointly issued by its National Coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko, and National Media Affairs Director, Zainab Yusuf, urged the Federal Government to step up radical and comprehensive law reform measures and the criminal justice administration in Nigeria, so as to stamp out the regime of impunity, which it said, is the root cause of the growing spate of terrorism and violent killings of innocent Nigerians by armed non-state actors.
HURIWA said pragmatic solution to the unprecedented scale of violent crimes and terrorism in Nigeria can only be achieved through effective multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional mechanism to be worked out and collectively implemented by the Federal Government, with all relevant tiers of government, including the national assembly, state governments and relevant stakeholders in the civil society.
HURIWA said the Offices of Federal Attorney General and that of Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) must actively collaborate to work out fool-proof mechanism on quick dispensation of justice to criminal elements that are posing serious security nightmare to Nigeria.

HURIWA was reacting to the presidential statement, which trailed the dastardly criminal terrorism act of the mindless slaughter by suspected armed religious extremists of scores of secondary school students in Yobe State at the weekend.  Presidential Spokesman, Reuben Abati, in the statement said those killers of the 29 innocent school children will “go to hell”.

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