2015: Nobody can beat Jonathan if he contests - Presidency


SHOULD President Goodluck Jonathan decide to contest the 2015 presidential election, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will have no choice than to give him the ticket, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, has declared.
He also said that the five northern state governors who have been going around the country ostensibly to stop any attempt by the President to go for a second term in office have their own agenda but only using the Rivers State crisis as a smokescreen.
The Presidential aide assured that nobody can beat the President whenever he makes up his mind to join the race.
Okupe, who made the declaration while fielding questions from newsmen in Abuja on Thursday, said it would be advantageous to the ruling party to field the incumbent President who, rather than campaign with what he will do when elected, will convince the electorate with what he had already achieved.
He said, “If this party PDP is a very serious party, which I believe it is, if the President decides to run, why should the party pick somebody else? The only advantage it will have in contesting is that it has an incumbent President who will not be telling Nigerians that ‘vote for me I will do this.’ He will be telling Nigerians ‘vote for me, I have done this.’
“All those talking about no automatic ticket, what they are saying is politically unwise and impracticable and they cannot come to pass.”
The Presidential aide, who emphasised that Jonathan has not decided to run, was confident that if he so decides, nobody can beat him.
He added that those who are boasting that the south will never win the presidency are “day dreaming” as what they are saying “will never come to pass.”
“President Jonathan has not decided and has not told anybody. That is the truth. If he decides to run, nobody can beat him, it’s not possible. The calculations are in his favour, the odds are in his favour, the national supports are in his favour, the performance index is in his favour,” he stated.
Okupe further remarked that the five northern governors who are presently touring the country, are not telling Nigerians the truth as they have an agenda other than the Rivers State crisis which they claim they are holding consultations over.
According to him, “they have their own agenda. It is not what they are telling the Nigerian public. They are telling us that the real motivating factor is this Rivers State and people keep talking about crisis in Rivers State. How do you define crisis? There is no unrest in Rivers State.
“Nobody is burning any house in Rivers State. Commuters, traders and business men are going about their businesses in Rivers State, the governor is junketing abroad or rather having a good time. All these talk is just in the imagination of those who want to stoke the fire that does not exist.
“There is no problem in Rivers State. I have said it and I am saying it again, (Governor Rotimi) Amaechi has a problem with some members of House of Assembly. Within the House of Assembly in Rivers State, there are divisions and it is not strange. It is not unusual.
“Over 18 Speakers have been removed in this our young democracy and nothing happened. Like I told you, this is 2015 live. Everything you hear about Rivers State, anything you hear about governors moving all over the place is nothing to do with Rivers State.
“Rivers State is a political camouflage. You can quote me. The real thing is intense politicking by people with very serious interest in the polity or who have agenda they want to make sure manifest by hook or by crook.
“They are going all over the country, trying to mobilize support for what they want to do. Someone said that they try to intimidate the President not to run because, it is obvious they are insisting that there will be no open ticket for the President.”

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