Abandoned as a baby, now a High ranking army officer.

He is simply known as ‘sparko’ by a lot of his childhood friends. In 1972, He was brought in as an abandoned baby and left at the doorsteps of the Holy Ghost novitiate at Awo- Omamma in Imo state.

 Capt John O Ikeme was raised by the Holy Ghost priests. He grew up as a ‘fada’s boy’ at the Novitiate. Due to his  ill-tempered nature he was nick-named ‘sparko’.

Till date John does not know his mother or his father or where he hails from. He has no idea if he is/was an only child of his parents. The only parents and family he knows are the Holy ghost fathers who took him in and raised him to be the man he is today.

He went to secondary school and shortly after that disappeared for years only to come back as a full army officer. Everyone at the convention was shocked and the priests were happy he has made a success out of his life..

He promised God that if he lives long enough to marry and have children of his own, he would adopt a child and treat that child as his own just the way he was given a second chance in life..

 He is married and has children now and true to his word, he adopted a little girl and to him, this little girl is his world..

‘Sparko’ is like so many Nigerians, some know their parents, and others do not. His story should motivate us all to reach out to abandoned children and all those entrusted to us to raise and train.

Adopt a child today and give hope to someone.
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  1. How does one get to adopting a child? Any suggestions?