APC full of noise makers, says APGA chairman

National Chairman of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Victor Umeh has said that the newly registered All Progressives Congress (APC) is made up of noise makers that have nothing to offer the Nigerian people.
Umeh, who made the remark in Abuja, said APGA cannot be part of an amalgamation of people representing different things and working for their selfish interests.
Umeh wondered how a party, which he alleged, is filled with corrupt people would want to team up, portraying themselves as saints, to kick out the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015.
“How can they kick out PDP? If you look at APC, they are full of noise makers. I do not think that the best way to go is through noise making.
“A party that is just registered should begin to cultivate the will of the Nigerian electorate, and not to begin to talk about who to kick out and who not to kick out. “I use a story in the bible – the story of a woman who was brought out for stoning by the people of the community.
“They said she committed adultery and must be stoned to death for that. Christ was there.
“Then Christ now said to them ‘anyone among you that is without sin should cast the first stone’. And all of them, as they picked the stone, Jesus wrote the number of times they committed adultery and fornication.
“Nobody could throw the stone because they were all guilty of what they accused the woman of,” Umeh illustrated.
He continued: “APC is lambasting PDP as harbouring corruption in Nigeria. If you look at people in APC, there are so many corrupt people in APC.
“So, for the Nigerian electorate, what would be the distinctive feature that will attract their votes to them.
“It is not by making promises. When you parade corrupt people in government and you are making noise against other people, Nigerians are wiser.
“They cannot get those votes by making noise. The votes will come by convincing the people that you are different; that you are indeed different from the PDP that you want to unseat.
“If they (Nigerians) see corrupt people in your nest, nobody will look in your direction.
Like it is said that potential is nothing until it is realized. The election will soon come, and when the election comes, after 2015 APC will begin to assess itself in terms of the strength it has.
“Today, they are just doing merry making and noise making.”

Daily Independent
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