Not Again: Third Coza Pastor Accuser Reveals Details On Ese Walter Blog

The floodgates seem to be perpetually opened against the Church of Zion Assemblies and its head pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo. Yesterday at 9:14pm, a commenter on Ese Walter’s blog going by the name ‘Okene Boy’ made further allegations against the embattled pastor. The accusations centered around his girlfriend being an ‘almost victim’ of the pastor’s alleged sexcapade.
The accuser, who claimed to have been a worker in church himself also said the pastor requested ‘oral sex’ from a mutual friend and feloow church worker. He further claimed the antics of the pastor broke up a marriage whilst the church was in its early days in Illorin. He said the cause of the marriage break up was due to the pastor having an amorous affair with another man’s wife.
The allegations, which cannot be verified as the accuser has cloaked his identity, also went further to name other Pastors of COZA to be involved in such acts. Whilst none of this is verifiable, public opinion is mounted strongly against COZA as the church has not made any efforts to deny any of the allegations, despite being aware of their existence.
The screen shot and transcript of the accusation can be found below:

Okene Boy
I Just want to share a bit of my experience in COZA cos I only laugh when hear people call God in this matter. I use to be a member of COZA, a worker to say the least. These things have been on since I was in the university of Ilorin and attending COZA, my then girlfriend was almost a victim. A housemate of mine called Funmi was a victim of the brainwashing tactics of pastor Biodun, from her I first heard the term ‘Blow Job’…..yes!! with my then Pastor B. My girlfriend stopped goin for counseling cos she could no longer stay in a lonely office with pastor Biodun. We have all stopped attending COZA long before now. The unfortunate thing is that pastor Biodun is a pervert, sorry to say, but its the truth (its always bitter). I am now happy that this young lady developed good courage to open up and worn many potential victims. He has the word no doubt but….he is still very much human: worse than an average man on the street. If you know you are good looking…. RUN!!! Pastor biodun was alleged to be sleeping with the wife of a church member then in Ilorin and the man almost had fight with him but somehow that affair with his wife ended their marriage. COZA lost many members then though the adultery continued. His wife can no longer be ashamed of these issues cos, I’m guessing, she’s gotten used to being embarrassed by her so called man-of God. This is very unfortunate cos he is a pastor I love so much. I’ve kept track of events since I left with some of my friends still loyal to the church and discovered that Pastor Flo does the same in Lagos and even my beloved Pastor Wole in Ilorin at the moment. I have decided to put God aside and wonder: What is it with Big-time so called Men-of-God and sex? Does it give them some kind of powers or what…
Pastor B made me spiritually but he also broke me. So many issues about the death of a member of my then department in the church…how much can I write

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