Rivers councillors want Jonathan to sack Wike

Elected councillors under the umbrella of the National Councilors Forum of Nigeria (NCFN), Rivers State chapter, has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to sack the Minister of State for Education, Nyesome Wike, for his utterances, which border on breaching the peace, incitement and partisan campaign.
A statement in Port Harcourt, which was co-signed by Chairman of the body, Lesor Nwigbaranee and Publicity Secretary, Dagogo Humphrey, said the minister has been making utterances likely to breach the peace in the state, such as asking his loyalists to fight Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s supporters, making the state ungovernable for the governor and threatening the governor that he would not sleep with his two eyes closed.
The forum further alleged that Wike had, sometimes ago, “donated his six months’ salary to one of the ex-militant leaders, Tompolo, and organised ex-militants to demonstrate in the streets of Port Harcourt, thereby giving the impression to other militants that their activities are approved by the powers that be”.
This, the forum said, could have encouraged the instances of kidnapping. The recent one, which occurred in Buguma, where some expatriates working for the Rivers State Fish Farm, were abducted.
The councillors frowned at a situation where the minister has brazenly declared his ambition to be the governor of the state and had gone ahead to campaign for the office in flagrant disregard to INEC regulation.
They stated that the honorable action expected of the minister was to resign to enable him further his ambition, and in the absence of that, the president should sack him.
The forum said that in the past, no President had allowed his ministers to combine their ministerial position and ambition.
They cited Olusegun Obasanjo’s era where ministers with ambition were asked to resign and that President Goodluck Jonathan has also asked such ministers to resign and pursue their ambition fully, but this appears to be double speaking.
The councillors urged the president to sack the minister, as his actions give an impression that he was being authorised by the president for his actions, including the unguarded utterances.
The forum said the Rivers people, the nation and the international community are watching the rascal behavior of the minister, adding that it would be difficult for the president to exculpate himself from the actions and utterances of the minister.
NCFN however urged the President Jonathan to save what remains of his face by sacking Wike now in the interest of our nascent democracy.
When contacted, Jerry Needam, Special Assistant on Media, State Chairman of PDP, Felix Obuah, said the party was aware that the said statement for the sack of Wike emanated from the Office of the Deputy Speaker of the state, Leyii Kwanee.

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