Rivers crisis: Wike may end up a sacrificial lamb –Adams

National Coordinator of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Gani Adams, has said the Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike, may end up being the sacrificial lamb if President Goodluck Jonathan and Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, decides to bury their hatchet and work together for the peace of Rivers State and Nigeria as a whole.
Adams, who spoke in a no-holds-barred interview with journalists in Lagos, also said the crisis currently rocking the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), has to do with Amaechi’s perceived ambition in 2015, which the Presidency is not comfortable with.
“There is no crisis in the Governor’s Forum. Everything has to do with the politics of 2015.There is a hint in the Presidency that the Chairman of the Governor’s Forum wants to contest as a Vice President and the president will emerge from the North.
“And the sitting president, as we all know, is from the South South, same as Amaechi, and he realised that if this man continued as the chairman of Governor’s Forum, he will divide his vote in his region.
“So, Amaechi has to lose the support of the president and the president threw his weight behind another person. That was exactly what happened.
“If not for Amaechi’s political ambition and the fact that he does not give a damn to the president, there won’t be any crisis in the Governor’s Forum”, Adams explained.
While bemoaning the excess powers granted the president in the constitution, he also cautioned Amaechi to put his house in order and mend fence with the president, saying the crisis rocking the state may hinder him from doing anything concrete before his tenure expires in 2015.
“Amaechi has to put his house in order. Let me tell you something, when politicians are fighting each other, there is a limit to which you support any one of them.
“If today Amaechi goes to Mr. President and prostrates and say, ‘I am not ready to be the chairman of Governor’s Forum again, please leave my state alone for me, let me control my state and sacrifice Wike for me’; the president will listen to him and Wike will be sacrificed.
“That will be the end of Wike, political wise. That is their way of operation; their interest comes first before any other person’s interest.
“I think Amaechi should know the history of this country very well that in the present constitution, the powers given to the president of Nigeria is too much.
“No other president in the world has such powers in the constitution. There is so much power in the centre.
“No matter how popular you are, if God is not on your side, you cannot confront the president of Nigeria headlong and survive.
“If care is not taken, Amaechi will not do any concrete job in Rivers before he leaves office in 2015, because he will be running from one problem to another”, he said.

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