The Number 0ne Reason You Are Not Yet A Millionaire

Dear Friend,

Happy holiday to you... I woke up this morning with an experience I had recently with someone who refers to me as his mentor. I don't know what qualities I possess to be mentoring someone, but that is not the topic I want to address with this piece.

My supposed mentee once asked me, 'I have done everything, why am I still broke?'

I was prepared for any question except this. It was not the kind of question I'd thought would escape his mouth
Looking straight into eyes, I could see some mist forming in his eyes. 'Does he want to cry,' I wondered sympathetically in my heart.

I didn't want a grown-man to shed tears right in front of me. I have seen several tears but it is the tears of a grown-man that worries me the most. Hence I hate seeing a man cry. As I shifted my gaze from him to allow him quickly shift back the emerging tears, I silently wondered what he wanted me to say to him. Truthfully, he has been a hard worker. I have known him for more than a decade and half. As he spoke to me, I could see he was trying very hard to fight back the tears that formed in his eyes.

He kept on talking while I looked right into his teary eyes. Looking at him, I felt some sharp pain right in the middle of my chest.

'What do I do?' I heard him say. He was asking me for an answer.

I knew he wouldn't leave until I gave him one.

When I found my opportunity to speak, this is what escaped my mouth, 'You are still broke, because you don't have enough strong reason not to be broke.'

The way he looked sharply at me, I knew I had hit a soft spot. Just as you are staring at the typed words. You probably want to re-read that to see if you didn't read an error.

'What do you mean?' He asked, his voice sounded like a boy as layers of sweat formed on his face despite the air-conditioner that was on.

'It is not about doing, it is about finding your reason for doing.'

Haba... why would I say that kind of thing... It really hurts. I knew it hurt him. But I wanted to let him know the truth. He is so much of a hard worker for him not to know the truth. I went on to tell him some of the things below.

There are some reasons I wanted to be rich and one of which is that I want to spread the gospel through wealth, another was that I want to have time to spend with my family, and there are just about 17 more reasons. As I documented my reason on a notepad, the strategy came clear to me.

I started investing in real estate because of the reasons, not because I saw people doing it. I see and hear a lot of people say they want to start real estate business because they have heard my story. And I get worried for them. You cannot know my success until you know my reasons. Discover my reason for wanting to be rich, then you will understand my process.

Process is not the main thing, strategy is not an issue. Reason is the issue. A poor man can become a wealthy man because he has a strong reason to be rich.

Things don't move because you want it to move, they move because you have a reason for it to move. Nothing happens on their own accord. The reason we have several educated-poor people is not because we don't teach people enough of the strategies to be rich. It is because a lot of people don't have a special reason they should be rich.

You will see a 35 year-old who still lives under the roof of his parent, waiting for the mother to return to feed him.Just yesterday while returning from a powerful service, I saw some group of youths dancing away in one of their friend's parent's trading place. These young men were in their 30s while the mother keep on looking and wondering what her lots were. She had this 'old-school' grinding machine and I guessed that is where she feeds her grown adults children from.

When we don't know the significant of money in our lives, we lose the opportunities to attract money when it present itself. The stronger your reason, the greater the wealth you command.

Abundance is at the mercy of strong reason. Even God said, when we pray we should bring our strong reason.... You need a strong reason to be rich. You need it. The stronger your reason, the stronger the abundance you enjoy.

At the age of 16, I started having my reasons for getting rich. I was trekking several distance to school every morning along with Jobi Adewale and Gbenga Arowolo. It was such a painful memorable experience for me and I didn't like them nor desired them for my kids. I wanted.

Later as I grew, I discovered getting rich was not just about myself, but getting rich was about helping others discover themselves. I discovered that people would only give you audience because you command substance. My reason for getting rich is not about even about myself anymore..... The reason is beyond me.... It is even beyond my family.

I didn't embark on real estate adventure all because I wanted to be rich alone. I embarked on an adventure in real estate because I wanted to make others rich. So my reason is bigger and stronger. Today, over 415 people own their own investment portfolios through our platform. It is beyond me. I have a strong reason... What is your reason. Don't aim to be rich because you see others working hard to be rich.

Don't aim to be rich because you see others working hard to be rich. The bible says, 'Labour not to be rich, cease from thine own wisdom.' That simply means, don't just think about yourself and the food you should eat, that is not the kind of riches to have..... Have a strong reason to be rich that is beyond you. I am not rich because I want to be rich, I am rich because I want to help others become rich. Those who work in the field, are usually the first partakers of the harvest.

Don't mistake your present job description for the abundance you will enjoy. Doctors still end up poor. Lawyers still become poor. Engineers still become poor. You need to have a special reason for being rich, for you to overcome the hardship that any economy offers.

Until I gave myself a strong reason, I was poor, battered, colorless and bitter. The moment I had my reason, things changed. You can't have a strong reason and still maintain your known status. It is the reason that births strategy. It is the 'why' that produce the 'how'. There must be a reason you want to be rich, and that reason plays a fundamental role in addressing your financial state anytime, any day.
Your certificate is not a visa to unlimited riches. It is not. So don't mistake the fact that you attended the four walls of the classroom for success. Even if you didn't miss a class in high school or university, those aren't the guarantee for wealth, the biggest guarantee for wealth is to have a very strong reason.

It is the reason that makes you jump out of your house in the morning. It is the reason that makes you wake up in the middle of the night to engage your mind on the very next step.

Your reason is not strong enough to make you rich that is why you are broke.

Enjoy your day.

Good Money Nigeria!

Chudi Onyemeri Kalu
Money Coach, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Social Investor

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