The science of seducing a politician

FIND a horny politician and figure out his weaknesses.
Pretend you're dating a needy teenager.
Tell which of his rants in parliament turn you on and give him more attention than he's ever known, because politicians "are the biggest attention whores you will ever meet".
How do you seduce a politician?
The number of senators, MPs and congressmen getting caught with their pants down suggests it isn't exactly rocket science.
But the "sexting" mistress of fallen US Republican Anthony Weiner, Sydney Leathers, insists it is indeed scientific - what she calls a "weird science experiment" - and she has formulated 10 top secrets on how to lure in a politician and keep him hot and heavy.
Her insights into Weiner's behaviour, revealed on the website, echo shades of cricketer Shane Warne's sexting episodes.
And former Queensland ethics committee chairman, Peter Dowling, of "wazz in shiraz" fame, take note - there are messages in here for both sides of the arrangement.
Ms Leather's bottom line for prospective pollies' mistresses is (ouch!) "don't ever let the politician know how pathetic you think they really are".

Ms Leathers instructs prospective political mistresses to always be in "flirting campaign mode", which means pretending that you are thinking about the man 24/7, humouring his every whim and coddling them like a child.
"Pretend like you're dating the middle school version of yourself," she says on the site, "lovey dovey bullshit, basically."
Another of her secrets involves targeting the right person and finding out his "fetish".
"Go for someone who you know is tempted by hot chicks online," Ms Leathers says, "go for someone you know won't be able to resist you."
As for the fetish, Anthony Weiner was "obsessed" with Ms Leather "in heels".
Ms Leathers duly responded to his texting fantasies of herself naked, or scantily clad in a pair of stilettoes.

Ms Leathers recommends playing coy at first, but also letting him chase you. She says Weiner wanted an audience and "wanted to fight to get there. It was basically like he felt like he was ranting on the house floor".
She also recommends figuring out the target's weaknesses early on. "If he's insecure, you've hit gold. Torture him by playing hard to get."

She gives this example of his response after she strung him along and didn't respond immediately to his texts:
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