Housewife poisons stepson with rat killer

A housewife, Olabisi Adebola (not real names) has reportedly fled to her family in Iwo town, Osun State, after she allegedly poisoned her stepson. Olabisi, 33, lives with her second husband she married in 2008.

After her first marriage which crashed in 2002, Olabisi re-married Lateef Adebola, and both of them live at Ijagun, in Ogun State. But before 41-year-old Lateef met Olabisi, he had been married to one Iyabode who bore him a son, Akeem.
The union crumbled in 2008. It was that same year he married Olabisi. However, when his first marriage crashed, Lateef took custody of the only product of the union, Akeem. And so since the breakup of his parents in 2008, the young boy had lived with his father and stepmother.

It was reported that since she moved into the house, Olabisi, who did not have any child from her previous marriage, took Akeem as her own, a situation which neighbours attested to adding that Olabisi so loved and showered affection on her stepson that they soon became inseparable. It was said that Olabisi had on many occasions even claimed to be the mother of the boy.

Sadly, Akeem’s adopted mother is now on the run after she reportedly mistakenly poisoned the boy leading to his untimely death. On Thursday, 29 August, 2013, Akeem suddenly took ill and was diagnosed with diarrhoea.
Olabisi, apparently not favourably disposed to taking the boy to the hospital, dashed to the market to get a local herb to cure the ailment.

 Olabisi returned home with two items: One, an antidote to diarrhoea and the second a rat killer. Both herbs were reportedly wrapped in the similar brown envelops of same shape and size, but with inscriptions clearly written on them. It was reported that when Olabisi got home, she hurriedly prepared pap for the sick boy aiming to administer the medicine meant for it.
Apparently unknowingly, however, Olabisi wrongly administered the drug: instead of the anti-diarrhoea drugs, she applied the rat killer into a bowl of pap and gave it to the boy.

It was reported that immediately the boy took the pap, he fell into a deep sleep and that was the time Olabisi had to see some of her customers in the neighbourhood. Barely 10 minutes after she left home, a co-tenant came into her one-room apartment to see how the boy was faring.
The co-tenant reportedly found Akeem foaming in his mouth and rolling on the floor. The woman immediately ran out of the house and raised the alarm to attract attention to the scene.

Olabisi was called on her telephone to the development back home. She raced back home to see Akeem foaming in the mouth with some people trying to apply first aid to him. The boy died while being rushed to the hospital. Kolawole Ajani, is an estate agent in the neighbourhood where the incident happened. Though reluctant to comment on the issue, he narrated what he saw inside Olabisi’s apartment.

“It was one of their neighbours that ran out of the house and raised the alarm. It was then some of us ran inside to see what was wrong. We then discovered that the boy’s mother gave him rat poison instead of the antidote for diarrhoea,” he said. Another co-tenant and friend of the Adebolas, who was also at the scene of the incident, claimed that the woman was impatient to read the inscriptions on the two envelops when she wanted to mix it with the pap.
According to the woman, who did not want her name in print, “Mama Akeem bought the two wraps from the market but the two were for different purposes. It seemed that instead of applying the one meant to cure the sickness of the boy, she probably did not read the inscription on the label, and went ahead to apply the rat killer.”
The father of the dead boy refused to comment on the incident. A friend of his, identified as Olasupo, however, claimed that Olabisi had fled home and was reported to have gone to her parents in Iwo, Osun State. “The father of the boy is distraught at the moment. But we hear that the woman had run to her village in Iwo.
But with what we got, the act must have been a mistake and not a deliberate action. Whatever the case is, we are keeping it a family affair,” he said.

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