If I’m shot today, it’s the Nigerian police – Gov. Amaechi speaks to BBC on being barred

Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State was on Thursday morning denied access by the Nigerian police to his private residence in the Government House in Port Harcourt.

According to his commissioner for information, Mrs Ibim Semenitari, Amaechi and no fewer than 70 visitors were denied access to his private residence in the Government House when he wanted to enter through the Old GRA road.

The blockade came a few hours after a detachment of policemen led by deputy commissioner had sealed the office of the New PDP in the city. The new office was Amaechi’s 2011 Governorship campaign office secretariat.

Reacting to this development in an interview on BBC, the governor said: “I was barred from entering the official residence.”
When asked why, Amaechi said: “I don’t know, it’s just impunity. The level of impunity is like we are in a military dictatorship.”
Interviewer: Does this has anything to do with the president?
Amaechi: “Exactly, they just believe you’re disloyal to the president, you don’t want to support him to 2015. So they’re after me.”
Interviewer: Do you fear things could get out of hand?
Amaechi: “Of course, my life is in danger. They had withdrawn some policemen from me last week, so I’m sure that if I am shot today, it will be the Nigerian police force that have acted under the instruction of the government.”
Interviewer: You’re accusing the police of basically responding to the party president?
Amaechi: “Yes.”
Interviewer: Is it true that all these is because of the PDP split?
Amaechi: “About seven of us governors have formed the faction of the PDP because of the impunity in the party. Because of the way everyone seems to be driving us away from the party because they suspect we were not supporting the president for 2015.

Explaining how he was prevented to enter his residence, Amaechi said: “They stopped me from getting in. I came down to identify myself, they refused and I asked why and they said they were acting on orders from above.

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  1. Nigerian politics is too poor for my liking.Selfish people.