I’m depressed —Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan, on Sunday, said he was depressed by the continuing attacks of Boko Haram on innocent people, the latest being the killing of students in Yobe State.
The president said he was short of what to tell the families of the victims.
“Today, you will agree with me that if you were in my shoes, you will lack words to say. We had this programme in mind, we all went to bed last night so that by this time as we are here today, we would all gather here to thank God for what he has done for this great country.
“But then, only few minutes after 12 midnight last night, about 21 students were murdered in Yobe State by a group that described themselves as Boko Haram.
“If you are wearing my shoes, what courage would you have to stand here before Nigerians? What message will you send to Nigerians, to the parents of these young people, our future leaders, students in College of Agriculture? Do you say that the killing of these students is political? I ask, why did they kill them? Did they kill students in Yobe because they do not like my face?
“Those students belong to which of the political parties? People killed them, they don’t even know them. Do you see it as ethnic cleansing? These students belong to which ethnic group in Nigeria? Do you say it is religious belief or what? These student, are they Christians or Muslims or what?
“This is the situation we face almost on a daily basis. It is quite depressing. But having listened to the CAN president, you will agree with me that all of us have hopes.
“By God’s grace, we will get to where we want to go as a nation. The journey of a nation is just like the journey of individuals. You must have obstacles. Sometimes, they say, it is even darker when you are getting to the dawn period of the day. The challenges we are seeing now are very transient. We will surely get over it.
“No Boko Haram or any group can frustrate this country. We may suffer pains just like our Lord Jesus Christ said at the critical moment, though the spirit is willing but the body is weak,” he said.
Citing the success in the telecommunications sector and the ongoing privatisation of the power sector, he assured that Nigeria had reached a turning point where it would soon join the modern society.

“So, the forces of evil will continue to push us backwards but our commitment and the will of God for us to move forward will surely suppress them,” he declared.

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