Is Beyonce’s parent’s divorce really that unique?

Divorce is becoming a more and more common marital issue these days. But some divorces, like Beyonce's parents', just can't stay out of the headlines.
Beyonce’s parents had to have done something right—after all, they produced arguably the most famous American ingénue of her generation. Beyonce always stole the show when she was with Destiny’s Child and her sister, Solange, hasn’t done too shabbily as a model, either.

 Their parents, Tina and Mathew Knowles, seemed to be the perfect match, working together to help their daughters achieve their dreams. However, that picture perfect Rockwell image fell apart when it was revealed that Mathew was cheating on Tina.

But this wasn’t just any celebrity riddled torrid affair. He didn’t just cheat on Tina—he actually fathered a child with his mistress, Alexsandra Wright. At the time, Mathew was Beyonce’s manager and her mother is well known for taking care of Beyonce’s wardrobe. While Tina filed for divorce, Beyonce fired him as her manager, siding with her mother. Mathew has stayed largely hush hush on the matter, but he’s moved on from Alexsandra and married another woman, Gina Avery, in early 2013.
What Went Wrong?
Some may say that Wright got what she deserved, since she of course knew that Mathew was married to Tina. She’s raising the child as a single mother, and has been heading to court time and time again seeking child support from Mathew, which he doesn’t seem intent on paying. In frustration, Wright finally reached out to just about anyone who would listen by posting an open letter on the popular gossip website The letter reveals the human side of the mistress, although many people say it’s too little too late.
Wright reminds everyone that the real victim here is Nixon Knowles, the innocent child who’s been mixed up in the whirlwind. While she says it’s unfortunate that she has to be so open about things, Wright points to the gossip mill which has apparently been disturbing her personal affairs—much like some people say she seriously disturbed what was thought to be a rock solid marriage.
The Late Apology
Wright attempts to explain that it started innocently enough, just as most affairs do, and that in the beginning their relationship was professional. She calls him a mentor, and as time passed, the old cliché of “It just happened” begins to creep into her letter. However, the surprising part is the end where she apologizes to the Knowles women. “I also regret the pain that this situation has caused his ex-wife, Tina, and very much wish one day I will get the opportunity to tell her personally,” Wright says.
Whether or not Tina would accept the apology, or even hear out Wright at all, is up in the air but it’s probably best that Wright doesn’t hold her breath. The media doesn’t have much empathy for the mistress in these situations, especially when children and divorces become part of the wreckage. However, what Mathew did is really no different than what hoards of men (and women) do every day—the big difference is that he’s the father of one of the biggest celebrities of the era.
Consider the Numbers
According to a report on cheating by NBC News, about one quarter of Americans in supposedly monogamous relationships have cheated on their partner. However, when it comes to married men, that rate is seven times higher than the overall average. It doesn’t matter if the couple has children or not, because the NBC survey of nearly 70,000 people in committed relationships reveals that the numbers are nearly identical.
The investigators weren’t fooled by these numbers, knowing that even in an anonymous setting, people don’t really want to admit to big wrongdoings. While there’s no solid proof, researchers believe the numbers should really be doubled and that about 44 percent of those in committed relationship have cheated on their current partner. That’s nearly half, and considering men have a much higher chance of cheating statistically speaking, it seems like it’s nearly a given.
Stand By Your Man?
The number of women who have stood by their man even in the face of not just cheating, but serial cheating at times, is astounding. MSN recently published a story on such women, including the wives of Sen. Gary Hart, Frank Gifford, and of course the most well-known of all, Bill Clinton. Some people say these women stay for the image, because they’re “paid off,” or for another non-love related reason. But could that really be all it is?
Celebrities seemingly divorce all the time, with recent possible debacles including the wife of George Zimmerman and Khloe Kardashian. Shellie Zimmerman has told media outlets that divorce is “something she’ll have to think about,” while the arguably most sure-footed Kardashian is in the eye of a media storm possibly watching her marriage implode—her marriage to Lamar Odom who, few people remember, many people say left the mother of his children for a chance to linger in the Kardashian limelight. For those considering divorce, this is a minefield much more troublesome than getting married, which is why the right experts in your corner are a must.

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