Gov Oshiomole Hosts BBA Winner, Dillish, Misplaced Priority - Nigerians React

Wonders they say shall never end. How come Governor Oshiomole chose to host Dillish and not Beverly and Melvin? This and many more are the questions on the lips of Nigerians.
If news reaching us is anything to go by, it means winner of the last edition of Big Brother Africa, Dillish, quietly came into the country to collect her own share of our national cake when an average Nigerian is yet to lay hold on anything.
When winner of Big Brother Africa Season 8th, Dillish announced on Twitter that she's in Nigeria, many were caught unaware as no one, not even the press knew she was coming.
So how come she came in quietly and what was she up to?
Think no further. She was allegedly invited by the Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole, and was said to have received a queen's reception with all the expensive treat you can think of, a source hinted.
Dillish came in with her Namibian best friend who also contested in BBA Maria Nepembe.
And why her? You will recall that while in the BBA house, Dillish used to call on Governor Oshiomhole and other Nigerian rich men like Dangote to bless her with money and change her life.
As if the money she won wasn't just enough, the Edo State governor allegedly invited her again and lavished Nigeria's resources on her when there are enough helpless Nigerians even in Edo State who are much more in need. We heard he also allegedly made her richer after her visit.
Not only her and her best friend are around, BBA contestants Elikem and Selly are also in town. After leaving Edo, Dillish and Maria went straight to Abuja for another Selly's birthday party which held Saturday, October 19th at Sofa Lounge.
Here's what a cross section of Nigerians feel about Oshiomole hosting Dillish. Enjoy:
★★PRINCE CHARMING™★★ said...
Where is Beverly? Shouldn't she be first on that list? Well, nice one for Dillish, favour seems to encompass her.
Anonymous said...
#smh gov oshiomole shuld hv bless our nigeria melvin n beverly who did'nt win nw. Well as d saying goes we dnt appreciate our own.
Anonymous said...
Haba, this one no be authentic o!They didn't go to benin o!Dillish was in lagos first before going to Abuja then maria came in and straight to Abuja
Anonymous said...
And the rich get richer.. Next
Anonymous said...
Dilish enjoy ursef jare
Anonymous said...
Hmmmmmmmmm! Dz dilish take style be asewo o! She was indirectly flaunting n advertising herslef to d naija magas yil in d house now dey r hosting her secretly..ok o
Our type of Government sha.
misplaced priority tinz.
sweet delailah said...
Ok Dillish u can now leave our governor alone shebi u've gotten what u want...(HOOKER) tearing 100 metres race and dodging bullets
Oge franca said...
Hmmmmm enjoyment things.
Rough Diamond said...
Misplaced priority @d governor!
Hosting dillish is it ur foremost duty?
U know her from adam?
Mich said...
With tax payers hard earned money?
Enriching someone who already made herself a reasonable amount from not doing anything in a crap-hole house for 3months?
Whereas there are people in that same Edo state who can't afford three square meals,live in squalor and abject poverty?
A nation with misplaced priorities.

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