How Nigerian embassy rescued kids seized for adoption in Spain

Ambassador Bianca with the children at the airport
But for the timely intervention of Nigerian embassy in Spain, Nigerian couples would have forcefully lost their kids to surrogate parents.
However , in October 3 and 4, 2013, the kids aged six, four, three, and a month old, with their mother in company of a female embassy staff, were among passengers on board of Iberia Airline flight 3336 from Madrid to Lagos.
Three of the children were taken and separated from their parents about two years ago while the youngest, was taken from his mother immediately after delivery at the hospital.
According to the father of the siblings, Chris Osinachi, who lives in Murcia, Spain, the children had been in custody of Spanish authorities since on December 26, 2012.
Narrating his story to Saturday Independent at Madrid Barajas International Airport, hours before they boarded flight to Nigeria, he explained that he had left home to search for job and her ailing wife who was being taken to the hospital pleaded with their Spanish neighbours to help look after the kids pending her return. But unknown to the woman, the neighbours had another plan,
When Osinachi returned home, he was told that the kids had been handed over to the Spanish Social Security Workers. When he and his wife approached the social security agents, they were denied access to the children
The agent insisted that they would not be allowed custody of the kids until they showed proof that they could take care of the children.
The proof include verifiable source of income, accommodation and others things.
The couples found it challenging to meet conditions as family survived on the income of Osinachi’s wife.
While they were denied custody of their children, the couple had another baby on August 20, 2013. Immediately after the delivery at the hospital, the baby was seized the Spanish authorities.
While the couples were in dilemma, they got information that their kids were to be adopted, but a timely intervention of a Nigerian Embassy staff, Deputy Consul, Nze Nnamdi saved the situation and the kids were eventually handed over to their parents for eventual deportation to Nigeria.

Daily independent
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