I can act nude role if… – Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo is a Mass-Communication graduate of the Enugu State University and a Nollywood diva. The actress who commanded attention with her stunning beauty and shape at the last AMA Award in Yenagoa is one actress who, despite her proficiency in interpreting roles, has been at the centre of issues. Not long ago, she was roped in a porn movie scandal. In this no-holds-barred interview with AJIBADE ALABI, she spoke on the issue and also revealed the secret of her sexy shape.

Was Lagos your starting point of acting or have you been acting before coming to Lagos?
I started acting way back in the East, Enugu to be precise. But just like everyone knows, Lagos is the centre of entertainment. Indeed, if you wish to strive higher than your normal self, you need to come to Lagos; that is what I was told. If you don’t want to be seen as a local star, move to Lagos, then your style would change. And having carved a niche in the East, I believed I could make it in Lagos, knowing that whatever the situation, I will always go back to my State, because that is where I belong, and that is where I made my name.

What was your first major job as an actress?
My first major job was “Another Bondage.”

Was it challenging?
The obvious challenge was that I had not done a lead role before, because as an up and coming actress, you have to start from little roles, so when I got the role, it was a challenge to me. The people that I featured with were big stars, but then I was stable, because I wanted to be like them someday, and I never wanted to miss the opportunity to get to where they were. It was a big challenge for me, because these people are stars, and I needed to act not as an up and coming actress, but as a star. Yes, that was the major challenge; and I did well. It was the movie that brought me to limelight.

Who are your contemporaries?
I came into the industry on my own; I would not know who came when I did. I joined the industry in 2005 or 2006; I don t know who joined then. I fight for myself; I don’t know about anybody. I don’t even see everybody as equals, what matters is how good you are and not when you joined the industry.

You might have gone through some harassment as an up and coming actress?
There is harassment everywhere. Men harass women and women harass men. People who don’t want you to grow will harass and intimidate you. I’ve heard that there is harassment in Nollywood, but the truth is, there’s no where you will not find sexual harassment; it is everywhere. I don’t see it as harassment though, I see it as a norm, it all depends on how you carry yourself because as a beautiful woman, people will harass you. It is everywhere, even between husband and wife.

Have you ever been harassed in the street while on outing?
I also see that as a norm, I don’t see anything abnormal about it. They only appreciate me and I have to handle them very well. They are my fans.

But most of them especially men could go beyond their limit, like trying to touch you in a way you don’t like.
It’s still part of the fan fun.

Is there any experience that you can recollect?
Can I really remember? I don’t think I can remember. Though some fans could be aggressive, they only like to show you love. It’s all part of it.

Have you ever played a role that people condemned?
I am two different persons rolled into one. There is Uche Ogbodo. When I am acting, I have no life, there, I can do anything; there’s no limit to what I can do on stage as an actress; I can do anything, and I don’t care, because I am a professional actress, I don’t care because that role I am playing is affecting somebody somewhere. If I play a slut, I know I am touching somebody’s life. If I play the role of a bitch, the bitch will like it, and if I play the role of a saint, the saints will like it. So it is either you like it or hate it, but I don’t care because that is my job.  For me to mimic you, bring your character to life is what makes me a professional.

So you can act nude role?
I can act any role. I am a professional artiste. If you give me a nude role that has a reason behind it, I mean that has something to teach which does not affect any kind of culture or tradition or me, I can do it; that is why I am an actress. And if I am able to do it, and majority of the people love it, and I become a superstar, I don t need to care about what minority think about me.

There is this actress from the US, a Nigerian who claimed she has contacted you for a nude film. How true is that?
It’s not me, no actress has contacted me on that. Even at that, I will not do it.

There is this issue of pornography going on in Nigerian movie industry. What is your comment on it?
I don’t support the issue of pornography. The fact that I can act nude scenes does not mean I can feature in a pornographic movie; it is against our norms and culture. Where I come from you don’t  try it. The people in it have their reasons, if they are happy with what they are doing, good luck to them.

Now to your love life, when are you inviting us for your wedding?
(Prolonged laughter) why not join me in prayers, because I am still searching, I have not found anyone yet; some day I will call you.

I am sure many men reading this interview will like to apply?
Of course, they are welcome, people come everyday. But that person, who can take everything for the sake of love and God, is the one I am still looking for. If I go into a relationship because of the way people come to me, I might make a wrong choice, I am looking for that person that I will be able to love unconditionally, the person I will be able to take all his shortcomings. The person who will be my own man, able to tolerate me all the way, someone who will see me as next to God; I have not found him yet.

People just like to add ‘controversial’ to your name; tell me in all sincerity, are you a controversial person?
Hmmm, I am controversial? Yes, I am. First, what makes one controversial: doing something without putting anybody else into consideration, being selfish in your decision, and in the kind of life you lead. I am controversial in what I wear, I am controversial in the way I walk and how I dress. I am selfish on what I want to be, I don’t pretend, I don’t care, I don’t fake it. That you don’t like the way I am doesn’t mean I should fake my life. I don’t need to live my life for you. But as regards scandal, I don’t live a controversial life. I am a very decent woman. I wear what I want to wear, and I eat what I want to eat.

You are reputed to have one of the best shapes in Nollywood. How do you feel? And is there any part of you that you feel is special?
(Laughter) I am happy the way God created me. I know I am wonderfully created and I am happy about that. I’ve got good eyes, good nose for an African woman, good shape, good lips; a kissable one for that matter, and good legs. In fact, I have got everything that a woman will ever ask for.

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