Oluchi loses her cool, Lashes out at Africans

One thing that can be said about supermodel Oluchi Orlandi nee Onweagba is she always seem to be cool, composed and in control. Whether she’s posing for the cameras during a photo shoot or strutting the catwalk, she always radiates serenity and composure.

Something, we are not yet sure what, however happened during the week that made the leggy model (who did Nigeria proud by winning the first edition of the M-NET Face of Africa model contest) totally lose her cool, throw caution to the winds and wax explicit on Twitter. Going by her tweets, it was obvious that she was both upset and angry.
“I am disgusted. Disgusted by human behaviour. Africans are like ‘no funds no meetings.’ Money is not the root of evil.
‘Greedy humans’ are the root of evil. Hopefully I won’t throw up soon. Bunch of inconsiderate animals!
They know price tag of everything and the value of nothing! Incompetent idiots. Ugly souls. Monsters in human forms!” 
After having lived outside Nigeria for a long period, and presently shuttling between Africa and Europe, America, it is obvious that what set her off must be the attitude of Africans which is different from that which she is now used to outside Africa.

National Mirror
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