Why i won't run for another term- Sanusi Lamido

Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Lamido Sanusi, at the weekend urged public officers to build institutions that would stand long after they have left office
Responding to questions over his insistence on not going for another term in office, at the just concluded annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF, Sanusi said public office should not centre around an individual because the institution is far more important.
According to him, “I don’t think that is how public office works. First of all I don’t think that any particular individual should ever consider himself indispensable and the institution is far more important than the individual. I also think that it is part of the strengths of a leader that you are able to build an institution that believes in your vision and you are comfortable enough because no human being wants to have his legacy wiped out.
“If you are comfortable enough to walk away from the job, it is because you have left an institution that has been sufficiently influenced by the thinking and strategy to continue. I think the CBN has established into credibility as an institution committed to price stability in the system, am sure you would not allow any Governor in CBN to play with that stability.
Sanusi emphasized that the CBN has established its commitment to protect depositors rather than shareholders and management of banks and is committed to strong governance, adding that the CBN has established its credentials  as a bank committed to development with selective interventions in key areas and has increased its focus on payment systems transformation and financial inclusion.
“These are a broad strategic thrust that the board of directors of the bank has been involved in formulating. The four deputy governors were part of the collective decisions to pursue these lines, I do not think that the movement of a Governor is sufficient to change that direction.
“I also think we live in a world that once you set a standard, a certain benchmark, everybody expects that of you. The journalists expect that, the general public expects that, depositors expect protection, the market expects you to continue to be consistent” he said.

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