Nyiam’s sack, good riddance to bad rubbish, says Oshiomhole

The Edo State government has described the sack of one of the members of the National Dialogue Advisory Committee, Tony Nyiam by President Goodluck Jonathan as good riddance to bad rubbish. Nyiam had, during the committee’s visit to Edo, interrupted Oshiohole’s speech.
A statement by Oshiomhole’s media assistant, Kassim Afegbua, said Nyiam’s resignation letter was full of lies. “In paragraph seven of the ‘resignation letter’ he said Governor Adams Oshiomhole spoke for forty minutes but he contradicted himself in paragraph 10, when he said the Governor spoke for an hour. We make bold to say that Governor Oshiomhole spoke for less than 25 minutes during the courtesy visit of the committee to him in his office and he spoke for less than seven minutes at the sitting at Imaguero College Hall. We have video evidence of the whole proceedings to buttress this fact and we challenge Nyiam to bring his own recording of it. After all, cameramen and reporters attached to the committee recorded the whole event. At any rate, when has it become a crime for anyone to speak for a particular length of time? We pity Nyiam because he brought this up for want of things to say.  ”
The statement added that Oshiomhole has no apology for seeing himself as a Nigerian than a tribal champion. “Yes, Governor Oshiomhole said he is a Kaduna-made man and sees himself first as a Nigerian because of his pan-Nigeria background rather than as an Afemai man from Edo State. He mentioned this to disabuse the minds of people like Nyiam from the narrow angle of ethnicity rather than seeing themselves first as Nigerians; we now know that it rankles Nyiam’s myopic view for anyone to see himself first as a Nigerian than as a tribal champion. Comrade Oshiomhole has no apology to tender for his pan-Nigeria view.”
Afegbua said contrary to Nyiam’s allegation that Oshiomhole had contempt for the office and person of the President, if that were true the governor would have stayed away from the conference and would not have given the committee respect by meeting all their needs as stated in their earlier letter.
“We are glad that Tony Nyiam has been sacked from the committee, because it is now clear that his membership of the committee might have been made in error given his history as a confused man, a divisionist, who in uniform planned a coup d’etat against the country and wanted parts of the country forcefully excised,” he said.

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