‎SHOCKING! You are a liar and an APGA paid agent, PDP guber candidate Nwoye tackles Olisa Metuh

 The PDP governorship candidate in last Saturday’s election in Anambra state, Tony Nwoye has called the national publicity secretary of the party, Olisa Metuh a liar and a paid agent of APGA. The outburst is coming on the heels of a statement by Metuh describing the disputed election as free and fair.

 A statement signed by top officials of Nwoye’s campaign organisation in reaction to the PDP’s spokesman reads: “It is a common knowledge that the Anambra State Guber election that held across the state on the 16th of November, 2013 was marred with illegularities.There has been widespread condemnation of the exercise by members of the Civil Society Group, Anambrarians, Conference of Nigerian Political parties, election Observers and Monitors.

 Even Prof Jega of INEC went on air to apologise to Anambrarians on the poor conduct of the election “In spite of these flaws and more witnessed during the exercise, Mr Olisa Metuh, the National Publicity Secretary of PDP and a latter day APGA apologist went on air to announce that the election went free and fair “In a show of shame and in a disgraceful crescendo of delusional act and to please his contractors (APGA and Mr Peter Obi),Olisa Metuh made his statement giving credibility to an election in which his Candidate and all his family members including some of his cousins were disenfranchised and prevented from voting. 

An Election in which two leaders of the party Chief Arthur Eze and Chief Mrs Josephine Anenih could not find their names in the ballot paper, an election in which INEC organised a voting process on a Sunday morning when people were already in the church and could not vote. This is the same election that Mr Metuh ascribed to be free and fair…WHAT A SHAME “Mr Olisa, Metuh, we put it to you that you don’t know your Job as a National Publicity Secretary. You don’t also know your boundaries and limitations. Who asked you to speak on behalf of Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation? The last time we checked, Hon Chike Anyaonu was the Director of Media and Publicity of Tony Nwoye campaign organisation. 

What prevented you from contacting him before going on air? What prevented you from contacting your Governorship Candidate Comrade Tony Nwoye before making your shameful statements? “Mr Olisa Metuh,we put it to you that you were not in Anambra and did not vote on the 16th of November and hence has no moral justification to comment on the outcome of an election you did not participate “Mr Olisa Metuh, we put it to you that you sabotaged PDP on the 16th of November, 2013 during the election, directing your family members to vote for APGA. 

That explains why PDP could not win in your ward at Otolo Nnewi. Instead of burying your head in shame that a National Publicity Secretary of the Party lost in his ward, you were busy in the media talking nonsense “Mr Olisa Metuh we put it to you that your press conference after the election was a script already written for you by APGA. We already got information that you and your estranged sponsor Nicholas Ukachukwu worked for APGA on selfish ends “Mr Olisa Metuh we put it to you that you never supported us in this election. 

When we came to your home town Nnewi during the Campaign, you disappeared at St Andrews DCC without a trace. It is a shame that while other political parties like the APC,LABOUR PARTY,CNPP etc were calling for a total cancellation of the election, you were busy singing a different song. Who are you really working for?.Which party do you actually belong to,PDP or APGA? “Mr Olisa Metuh,we put it to you that you are a serious candidate for suspension from the PDP with explanations to the NWC and Tony Nwoye Campaign organisation why discplinary actions should not be taken against you.

 “Mr Olisa `Metuh we put it to you that you should watch your next press conference on the outcome of Anambra Guber election carefully.It might as well be your last as National Publicity Secretary of the `PDP.IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY,PLEASE KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! 
“Mr Olisa Metuh, please stop spreading white lies and false reports about your candidate and the Guber election. We don’t want you reporting for us. Tony Nwoye Campaign organisations has a Media directorate that reports to the media and please save us further embarrassment.”

 Pharm Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu (B.Pharm,MPH,MFIP,MPANS) Mazi Okwu Okwu Hon Ikechukwu Onyia Mazi Orjika Chidi ICT AND COMMUNICATION UNIT Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation.
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