I’m married to the best white ‘African’ man – Adetoun Reilly

Having cut her teeth as an upcoming actress with Ibadan-based movie producer, Muyiwa Ademola, she relocated to Ireland after series of movie appearances in Nigeria. As an on-air personality in Ireland, Adetoun Reilly has been able to project the African culture through her radio programme and, of course, with a strong commitment to movie production. In this chat with BAYO ADEOYE, dark-skinned Adetoun shares her experiences especially as they concern her acting career. Read on…

My name is Adetoun Reilly (nee Lawal). I was born and brought up in Ibadan. My first school was Aunty Funmi Nursery and Primary School, Oluwonla, Ibadan. Later, I attended the Evergreen Royal Private School, Onike, Lagos, after relocating to Lagos in the late ‘80s. Thereafter, I attended Wesley Girls Secondary School, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. After my JSCE, I returned to Ibadan to continue my secondary education due to my dad’s relocation abroad. I joined Nickdel College, Akobo, Ibadan, in 1996 and I must say I really enjoyed every bit of my stay in the boarding house.  Seniority life was sweet especially when you’re a prefect. I later gained admission into Lead City University and graduated in 2008 alongside others who were the first set of BSc. in Mass Communication and Media Technology. A year later, I travelled abroad to join my family since I was the only child in Nigeria.

I met Mr. Muyiwa Ademola in 2002 through one of his younger sisters who lived with him then. We both spent the weekend in each other’s homes quite often and through this, we got close to each other. In 2003, Ademola started his group of which I was one of the pioneer members with few other people. I attended rehearsals regularly but hardly had time for shoots or location activities due to my academic activities. What actually drew me into acting is this deep love, strong passion and absolute commitment to the profession. I believe it is a rare gift given to me by God.

There are lots of challenges that confront practitioners especially the upcoming artistes and one of them is time. I rarely had time to go to locations during my university days because of my academic schedules: assignments, projects, attendance and so on which, if I was not careful, would have set me back while my colleagues progressed in the industry.

I have appeared in ‘Mr. President’ by Mr. Latin; ‘Ile’ by Muyiwa Ademola; ‘Kolero’ by Laide Olobe; Ipile wa’ by Tope Adebayo; Iro funfun’ by Femi Adebayo; ‘ Moremi Ajasoro’ by Wole Duro Ladipo and others that I can’t remember.

Sexual harassment
Concerning sexual harassment faced by young artistes from producers before being assigned roles, I personally didn’t face or experience this in anyway.  No one ever harassed me sexually before giving me a role and this is nothing but the truth. It doesn’t mean you won’t get toasters or admirers. I believe such is normal and is up to you to know how to go about such when faced with it. If you allow yourself to be deceived or get carried away, then it becomes your personal problem that you need to deal with.

The fact that I have relocated to Dublin doesn’t mean I have quit or dumped acting. Like I said earlier, I love it with a passion and it’s God’s gift. Presently, plans are underway to hit location for my movie project both in Ireland and Nigeria which definitely, will feature my husband, Uncle Deji Adenuga and many more.

At the moment, I present a radio programme on West Dublin Access Radio 96 FM. It’s a programme that addresses and promotes Africa’s rich cultural diversity.

I am married to the best white ‘African’ man. We met in July, 2010 at a friend’s wedding. When he arrived at the venue, he greeted me in my language. I was astonished hearing a white man speaking my language fluently. When we were leaving as well, he said ‘odabo’.  This was very funny to me. The following week was the church wedding; we met for the second time at the couple’s house because we were both part of the bridal train. He greeted me in Yoruba language again. This was more interesting. When we got to the church, the groom was ‘pairing’ bride’s maid and groom’s men together, and then we got paired together. He was such a gentle man throughout the event. After the wedding, he asked for my number and that was how we became very good friends which eventually led to our courtship, introduction, engagement, and finally got married here in Dublin, Ireland.
and they appreciate the fear of God in his life, which was the most important thing to them. They were more particular about the kind of man that will add value to my life through peace, love, tolerance and acceptance of who I am.

Irish culture
I am really and already used to the system now. I love and appreciate the Irish culture. In fact, I love cooking the Irish food.

In terms of fashion, I am just myself.  I am not flamboyant. I love dressing cute, comfortable and simple.

My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite food is ‘amala’ with ‘gbegiri,’ ‘ewedu’ and assorted meat.

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