Jonathan, OBJ’s feud will define 2014

The public debate attended by publicised correspondences between President Goodkuck Jonathan and former President Olusegun Obasanjo is said to be a major factor that would define the dimension of politics of the New Year, the eve of the 2015 general elections.
Already, the feud which is supposed to be schism between two chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has polarised the entire political landscape.
Even the opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) has come out publicly to align with Obasanjo on issues he raised in his letter on the economy, national security and phenomenal corruption in public institutions under the Jonathan administration.
Also, state governors are divided over the exchange between the two leaders.
A PDP chieftain, Dr. Alex Obiogbolu revealed that some governors thought it wise to be mute and refrain from coming in-between the two leaders.
The Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum Chairman, Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, however, said: “The governors did not substantially address the merit or otherwise of the issues that former President Obasanjo raised in his letter.”
But many politicians insisted that the feud or the resolution of it would affect political alignments in the PDP and in the polity at large in the coming months, especially as events build up towards the party’s national convention at the Eagles Square in December 2014.
Specifically, there are politicians who believe that Jonathan and Obasanjo would eventually find a common ground. These politicians also believed  that it is the will of the Nigerian people and not the two leaders nuances that would determine the shape of political events in 2014.
For Prophet Francis Ekpenkhio, the General Overseer of the Worldwide International Miracle Centre, the cold war between Obasanjo and Jonathan, would lead to a full scale political crisis in the New Year, if necessary steps were not taken to reconcile the two leaders.
The Lagos-based cleric made the declaration in a New Year message yesterday, which was personally signed by him.
The cleric, in the message entitled “2014: A year of judgement for sinners and bad leaders worldwide,” said God was unhappy and that the situation could degenerate into bloody crisis if not handled with caution.
He said the will of God for Nigeria in 2014 was for the country to experience economic growth so that the citizenry would be salvaged from the shackles of poverty and joblessness.
“Nigeria leaders should seek God’s guidance now.  They should return to God with all their hearts and make a fresh resolution to do His will by remembering the poor and the needy in their actions.
“Nigerian past and present leaders should be aware of God’s wrath and judgment over them if they fail to concentrate on improving the standard of living for the citizenry,” he said.
He specifically asked President Jonathan to be extra cautious between February and May.
But there have been calls by eminent Nigerians and organisations, including the Arewa Consultative Forum(ACF) that President Jonathan should address the issues in Obasanjo’s letter.
However, there are already moves to reconcile Jonathan and Obasanjo is in the interest of the PDP. Retired Navy Captain Tunji Shelle, the State Chairman of the party in Lagos State, said: “I have always avoided commenting on the letters exchanged by Obasanjo and Jonathan because of the sensation it has generated. All I can say is that it will be good for the electoral fortunes of the party for both statesmen mend fences and work together.”

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