Buhari: Nothing like a private visit to London when you are a president elect.

Muhammadu Buhari was left stranded for about 4-5 minutes when he visited David Cameron he should have realised then while he was standing in front of No 10, that he did not represent himself alone but the whole of Nigerians at home and abroad.

It should be explained to him that a private visit does not involve talks on corruption, Boko Haram,security and immigration with the British PM. It was 100% official. We are no longer in a military dictatorship and there should be consultations before Buhari takes actions - Be Considerate is the key.

I felt pain seeing him standing sheepishly in front of No 10. I have stood in exactly that spot before on a tour of Downing Street and never knew that exact spot will make me squirm one day. I should have demanded that Buhari apologise to all Nigerians in theUK, it was disgraceful, poorly coordinated and crass ineptitude.

The insult he came to heap on our heads here in the UK, will take about 2 years to eradicate. I attended a formal occasion on Monday, which is just yesterday on introducing myself to Mr Patel, he said
“Why did your president disgrace Nigerians in this manner?”
“He’s not the president?”
What’s he looking for atNo 10?
“He was on a private visit,he’s the president-elect”
“That’s ridiculous wasn’t he here about 8 weeks ago; why not visit no 10 then, you are not kidding me right?”

I was thinking of a good defence for Buhari’s foolish actions…Mr Patel was looking confused as he was now staring hard at me.

“He..he…he had to rush off to Nigeria”

I should have said “I don’t know”, but whatever I said I was already on the back foot.

He smiled and walked away, not to talk to me for the rest of the evening.

I later learned Buhari snubbed Muslim prayer sessions to rush here to see David Cameron.

There is good reason for Buhari to reject the embassy car, the booked embassy hotel and not inform anyone of his shameful trip. He might not want to end up like Yar’adua and I do respect that, but whatever the alternative arrangements made, just make sure itis done properly.

We all have a reputation to protect here in the UK and if it not fair for a president-elect to ignore protocol and then end up messing things up.

Mr Patel owes me an apology for walking off without saying first “Excuse me Bola”,but how can I demand it, when I have not received one from Buhari himself.

I have forgiven Buhari, he probably did not know any wiser, as I look forward to his inauguration as the hope I have far outweighs my need for an apology at this point in time.

Written Bola Talabi
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