22year old black girl cries out ‘I’m serving rude ass white people’

ROCHELLE Robinson was fed-up and furious.
So the 22-year-old, who worked at a stand at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, took to Facebook to express her frustration at being disrespected by visitors.
She told the Daily News that the tourists were mainly “white” and would often call her names, throw things at her and use offensive language.
But when they started ignoring her, it was the final straw.
She used a Facebook account with the name of Shana “Poohpooh” Latrice to post an image of herself in uniform along with the words: “Wassup y’all? At work serving these rude ass white people.”

The next day, she claims she quit her job.
However, her employer says they “dealt with” Robinson after receiving a flood of complaints about the post, which was shared thousands of times.
Brookfield Zoo issued the following statement: “Yesterday, we became aware of the actions of a single employee which we agree are unacceptable. This employee’s statements in social media are in violation of our policies and do not reflect our institution’s values.
“We have zero tolerance for these kinds of divisive behaviours. We treat all employment matters confidentially but please know that we took prompt action to remedy the situation this morning.
“We hope you continue to hold Brookfield Zoo in high regard and not let the actions of one individual overshadow the longstanding good work of the Chicago Zoological Society.
“This individual is no longer employed by the Zoo.”
Robinson says the backlash she has received was unfair, and claims she quit her job because she was scared of retaliation.
“I absolutely didn’t want to offend anyone with what I said,” she said. “I would tell people not to post their problems on Facebook. A lot was made out of nothing.”
“I just got fed up. I felt like $US8.55 ($11 per hour) was not enough to be treated like that.”
She changed the name of her Facebook page following the outcry.
news.com.au has contacted Brookfield zoo for further comment.

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