A letter from Dora Nkem Akunyili

** 1 Year gone Already**
A Letter from Dora
(For Dora Nkem Akunyili: 1954-2014)
I write this po
em for you to read,
With a heartache that will forever bleed.
You can now continue without me,
I am with you no more.
I wish I had said goodbye
Or done some things that I planned to do,
Don’t let tears becloud your eyes,
Cry for me, no more.
I know you loved me
And I also loved you,
You will miss me
And I will miss you too.
I pray Heaven will be good to me
And let me have my wings.
You once made my world stand tall,
And you helped me to achieve all,
Moving on, with the hurt
Should never keep us apart.
I will always remain there
In all your loving hearts.
Orok Duke
@Dances on the Plains
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