A new Terror group emerges: BBOG Group Urges FG To Investigate Sect In Kebbi

The #BringBackOurGirls (BBOG) group had called on the federal government to look into the new sect called ‘Yanlabaiku’ which has reportedly emerged in Kebbi State.

Speaking during the normal sit-out of the group, yesterday one of its members, Edith Yassin spoke of the need for government to quash such group early before its activities become radical and gets out of hand like the Boko Haram sect.

She recalled that such groups had emerged in Niger State and were evicted by the government of the state and wondered after the eviction were they have relocated and what have become of them.

“Such group arose in Niger State before it was disbanded by government. I remembered they were disbanded. They could have gather somewhere else, in another state and continue with their business,” she said.

Also speaking, another member of the group, Okenwa Nyeribe expressed sadness that religion has become what he called a nuisance to the world adding that many have hidden under religion to commit atrocities.

“Religious is becoming a nuisance in the world. From the shrines, to churches and other places where people have used it to commit attrocities. The citizens should be careful. It should be taken care of. Our leaders should be at alert on this issue,” he said.

Recall that a group known as “Yanlabaiku” with membership of about 100 followers which preaches against Western education was said to have emerged at Gwadangwaji, the outskirts of Birnin Kebbi, capital of Kebbi State.
The group, report said claimed to be Islam and was conducting public preaching, meetings and processions though no violent activity has been attributed to it.

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