Dealing with narcissists

Thanks to the celebrity culture and selfie craze that has swept the globe in the last decade, it won't be surprising that most people have at least one or more narcissists in their life! A narcissist is described as a person who is can't get enough of himself/ herself and will constantly pay attention to their looks.

Look around carefully. Do you have one in your life? Here's how you can deal with them...

- Find your senior constantly trying to pass off your ideas as their own brilliant mind and hard work? Beat them at their game by suggesting an idea in front of people instead of just between the two of you. When it is known that you came up with something, there are lesser chances of the self-centred colleague passing it off as their own.

- Have a friend who can't stop singing praises of their never-ending attributes and do it at the cost of putting you down? One the best things you could do is obviously keep your distance. But since that is not always possible, you could be frank and tell them that if they want to remain friends, they need to mend their ways or you would be happier without having them in your life. Set boundaries that are acceptable to both of you and take it from there.

- Another mentally draining kind of relationship is when you have an emotionally self-centred friend, who cannot stop either talking about their failures or, even worse, successes in all their relationships and will not pay any heed to any problems that you may be facing. 

While staying away from such people would be your best bet, you could also turn the tables on them by doing just what they do — in order to make them realise what a pain they can be.

- Are you in a relationship where your partner can't stop preening in front of the mirror or camera? If you're serious about the relationship, try and figure out why your partner is really behaving this way. Suggest therapy if you think that is required. This is easier said than done because in the mind of a narcissist, they're perfect and, hence, don't require treatment! However, be patient and convince him/ her of how their constant self-obsession may actually be destroying your relationship.

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