Jackie Chan dies for the umpteenth time

Jackie Chan has either died so many times or has had a gazellion near death scenarios- in his movies.
So much so that his supposed death went ahead to make news. According to reports by NBC, the stunt master has again, died.

According to the report, the famous actor died of a heart attack this morning. Add that to a list of other things he has been reported to have died from over the years.
From all reports, Jackie Chan should have died about 7 times now. It was easier to anticipate death watching all those deadly stunts when we were kids but now, it is almost like people can’t wait for him to.
Just to clear all doubts, the actor is alive and stunting.
He made an appearance yesterday at the Shangai international film festival and has never looked better.

Please, stop killing Jackie Chan for us.

via Ynaija
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