Sugar daddy school teaches women how to make real money!

A sugar daddy school in new york has given women tips on how to snag a cashed-up suitor of their very own.
More than 100 women reportedly attended the four-hour Sugar Daddy Summit in Manhattan, where they were taught how to avoid sex on the first date, be upfront about their financial needs and be wary of the dreaded “salt daddy”.

The summit was hosted by sugar daddy dating website, where the average male member is about 40 years old and earns about $250,000 a year, the New York Daily News reports.
Several sugar babies — women who seek out older men to look after them — imparted their wisdom at the summit, such as Kristen J, 25, who suggested keeping it out of the bedroom on date one.
“You’re going to throw it all away,” she said in Sugar Baby 101. “Keep him wanting more. That’s how you get more money.”

Sugar babies should also listen to what their “daddy” says on dates. “As boring as it may be sometimes, you’ll really go a long way,” Kristen J said.

Aspiring sugar babies were also told to avoid profile pics that were too revealing, put 10 per cent of their earnings into savings, and never actually use the word “sugar daddy” around their, er, sugar daddy.

They were also told about half of the 800,000 men on were considered “salt daddies”, because they weren’t keen to splash out with monthly allowances, the site’s spokeswoman Brook Urick said.

“There are salt daddies, and there are sugar daddies,” Urick said. “They look exactly the same ... but if you put salt in your brownies, you’re going to have disgusting brownies.”
Urick said women should gently bring up their money woes on the first or second date without demanding funds.

“Don’t be entitled. That’s probably when he’ll slide $5000 across the table,” Urick said.
Several other sugar babies shared success stories at the summit, such as a 28-year-old member named Dakota, who explained how she snagged a 50-year-old man, who gave her $10,000 a month for rent and pocket money.

“For me, it’s just me wanting to date someone who is successful,” she said. “I’m not a whore. I’m not a gold-digger, but I do have standards.”

Looking for a wealthy older man to take care of you? There are pitfalls. chief executive officer Brandon Wade said men usually sought out the arrangement for companionship.

“A sugar daddy is not an old, lecherous, horny, old man,” Mr Wade told the New York Daily News. “That’s what people think he is. It’s a stereotype. Stereotypes die hard.
“If someone calls me a Sugar Daddy, I cringe at first because of the stereotype. But now I can step out and say that’s not what it is.”

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