To all the Lynch mobs-the Rivers in Aluu.

The Rivers in Aluu
(To all the lynch mobs)
You feel that in this unrest,
You will push out your chest
And intimidate all the people,
When their lives have been scuttled.
Size is the natural legacy for the elephant,
But those who own the small hoe,
Have started to retrieve its handle, other
People’s children shouldn’t go on night errands.
It is only a stupid dog that barks at
What the lion saw and ran away,
In the land where there is no law,
There is supposed to be no offence.
Four students captured by an Aluu mob
Were lynched in the absence of Nigerian cops,
The shedding and baying for human blood
Is also rising as fast as the Port Harcourt flood.
A messenger does not speak in riddles,
Or tell too many parables,
But a twisted arm cannot grip well and
A pregnant woman cannot get
Her pregnancy out by mere coughing.
Life is never one sweet song,
A lost time is never found,
When a baby is stretching his hands,
He is usually carried –
The baby’s hands are out.
Orok Duke
@ Sentinels
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