Why I don’t trust women who don’t have female friends

IF CHICKS don’t have girlfriends, I find it hard to trust them. There. I said it. It may sound harsh, but I have to finally admit that it’s the truth.

Before you set my virtual home on fire, (it looks like Susan from Desperate Housewives’ cute cottage in case you were wondering) can you hear me out?

Over the years, my friends have become my family and while there are many different characters and types of people in my life, one thing that has held me accountable, compassionate, trustworthy and loving has been my girlfriends. You know, chicks that are mates. Mates with boobs. My sista from another mister.

I think your friends say a lot about who you are as a person. After high school, you make friends from all walks of life. Maybe university was one of the first times you met your new “grown up” friend. You had an instant spark noticing she had the same Bettina Liano jeans as you. You were both happy to skip class for incredibly important reasons like to find the best coffee nearby or head to the car park to refresh Ticketek for Summerdayze tickets.

The next place to find a friend was work. Your girl was the one who snort laughs. Or maybe she was the chick who was the only one to admit “Ah, I don’t get it”. Love at first sight right?

Maybe you and your new BFF met through past boyfriends, where you find yourself, like me, bagging out your current beau and coincidence has it she is also over her current man. Besties for life, right?! WRONG.

While all of these options may be a solid way to find a great match, the one major question you need to ask yourself in order to find your laughing buddy, your D-floor companion for life or the Grey’s Anatomy marathon partner is always:

Do they have other girlfriends?

When I look at chicks, just like Taylor Swift, who surround themselves with women, I immediately think supportive, non-competitive, non-threatened, nice, fun. Not necessarily perfect, but happy to have a look in the mirror if their girlfriends call them out on bad behaviour.

I’m talking about the type of girls who know that friendships take work and when the going gets tough the answer the phone, even when they are with that cute boy, or are 86 pages from finishing Gone Girl (Yes I STILL haven’t finished it. No spoilers please!)

When I meet girls who don’t have girlfriends, I ask myself the question: why not? Did you not answer the phone? Did you compete with your mate to the point it was the dating Olympics? Are you mean?

Making girlfriends may not be easy for everyone, but I do feel the majority of women could name at least one girlfriend who is a mate. Well at least the women I know and trust.

While many of us are aware of how important gender equality is in our workplaces, at home, in our romantic relationships and in sport, we can’t forget, from time to time, to turn the mirror on ourselves too. A big part of this challenge is women turning on other women and females not standing up for each other.

If you find it difficult to maintain friendships with chicks, are you asking yourself why? Because I am asking myself when I meet you.

Do you trust women who don’t have girlfriends?


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