Women, stop saying sorry for everything

Research shows some women apologize way too much — for things they do, for things they don't, the way they dress, their opinions, likes, dislikes — the list in unending (and ridiculous). We urge you to stop apologizing without a reason.

Dressing the way you want
Yes, you will. Wear the sexy decolletage body con dress that shows off your curves. Of course, you've heard sickening statements like "cover up or don't blame the men"— from men and women (surprise, surprise) alike. People will keep dictating the rules as long as you succumb to them. The only thing you should be sorry for is their backward minds and their regressive mentality.

Being single or a serial dater
Being single is one of the most awesome things. So is dating. There's no reason why that should make you feel you lack something or your character isn't squeaky clean. You could be in your 30s and be single, you could forever be single, you could be dating multiple men — none of these define your character or beauty. Being single doesn't make you unattractive and dating doesn't make you 'available'. Character assassination is uncool.

Putting career before marriage
Once you have crossed the 25th age mark, distant uncles and aunts will haunt you with that one question — "When will you get married?" Reams of newspapers and innumerable sites have been dedicated to the perfect response to this situation. The answer is simple — "I will get married when I'm ready and not when you think I am." If you want a job with a handsome paycheck, a 2 BHK and a car before you jump into marriage, so be it. Women are made to believe that after 30, you turn unattractive and are undesirable to men. There's not an iota of truth in it. You are as likely to find true love at 35 as you are at, say, 23. On the flip side, it is perfectly okay if you want to get married and be a homemaker.

Earning more than your husband
Real men won't have a problem with their wives being breadwinners. Even if you are single-handedly handling the finances of your household, it doesn't make your man any less of a man. We have seen insecure, egoistic men in movies and also in real lives who feel emasculated because their wives earn more than them. We have also seen wives who would downplay their success. Not anymore. Never apologise for being successful.

Being fat/skinny
If you are over 65 kg, you are labelled 'plus-sized' — a sugar-coated term used to describe a fat person. When it comes to women, fat is often synonymous with unflattering. So is excessively skinny. You are labelled as 'anorexic' or 'bulimic', a person with an eating disorder. On the other side, a 36-24-36 figure will earn you the tag of a perfect body. Remember girls, you don't have to have a derriere a la Kim Kardashian or JLo, you are beautiful the way you are.

Therefore, stop saying sorry and embrace yourself.

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