Gov Wike should just create a new Ministry and name it Amaechi!


One of my very good friends who is a member of the PDP in Rivers State ( a big stakeholder) has consistently bombarded me via Facebook inbox since 29th of May, 2015, requesting that I stop criticizing the bullish action of Chief Nyesom Wike and demanding that I should instead bring up good suggestions on how Wike should move Rivers State forward. Out of inexhaustible respect for my friend, I want to drop one idea I think will go a long way to help the present Governor of Rivers State.

I don't know how ministries are created, but I think Chief Wike should as a matter of urgency, hurriedly create the Rivers State Ministry of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. And if that sounds awkward to him, he  should just call it the Amaechi Ministry in short.

My reasons are simple and not far-fetched.

I have noticed that for every single day, the present Governor of Rivers State mentions the name of the former for an average of 20 times. Now, when a man you assume to be your enemy occupies your thought, and becomes integral to it, so much so that you mention him twenty times a day, what time will you have to think of something constructive, something more edifying, something good for the people you claim to govern? Can something you hate, or someone you hate ignite any positive energy in you? That is for psychologists to ponder.

Secondly, it appears that Nyesom Wike came into governance and manipulated his way to the Brick House in Port Harcourt totally unprepared. Worse still, his unhealthy fixation on his predecessor has denied him the opportunity to learn on the job and prevented him from allowing himself yo be penetrated by positive energy capable of inspiring him to do good. It was only one or two weeks ago that Governor set up the Nimi Walson Jack Committee to develop governance blueprint and set developmental agenda for Rivers State. People with good ideas like Nasir El-Rufa'i of Kaduna State had their blueprints ready before making moves to contest election. Setting up the Amaechi Ministry with a trusted and competent Commissioner in charge will allow the Governor some time to attend to the pressing needs of the state without allowing himself weigh down with Amaechimanic animosity.

So far, Chief Nyesom Wike as Governor of Rivers State has evidently behaved like a fish thrown out of water unto a dry land. He doesn't seem to be in his natural habitat. He is jumping up and down and panting for water like a deer. The deeds and scintillating ideas executed by  of his predecessor which he replaced one month ago is still weighing down on him like the branch of a fruit three is burdened when it bears fruits more than its carrying capacity. The Governor is going down everyday, and is very close to the nadir of being drown in the murky water if mischief and vindictiveness. He has no idea, no momentum, no dignifying and edifying plan other than Amaechi in the morning, Amaechi close to midday, Amaechi at midday, Amaechi close to the evening, Amaechi in the evening, Amaechi at night. That, you can agree, is a dangerous, monotonous bend.

And because he looks like a man in the shadow of a saint, he helplessly looks back. The one month exposition of the New Rivers Vision shows that their is nothing visionary in the vision. The sum total of the New Rivers Vision is no more than a pathetic backward-looking vindictive anti-people agenda brazenly and sadistically designed in a topsy turvy manner to undo Amaechi, paint him black, demonize him and water down his impregnable legacies and achievements in a bid to dim his star the illumination of which has led Amaechi to the national level and into national consciousness.

And Wike has badly executed the wicked design against Amaechi such that instead of attracting praise, he has attracted scathing criticism. Instead of attracting honour and recognition, he has attracted national opprobrium and projected himself like a lawless clown unprepared to lead Rivers State.

At this point, I think that it will be helpful for Wike to apply his brake, get down from his voyage of Amaechimanic animosity, sit back, think, create the Ministry of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and appoint a trusted, competently troublesome Commissioner to carry on the onslaught against the former Governor while he settles down to give the people of Rivers State the dividends of democracy these few months he will be at the helms of affairs.

Amaechi's legacies are gargantuan enough to challenge even the most prepared person. Wike's Amaechimanic animosity is making things worse for him.

Kennedy Friday writes from Port Harcourt, Rivers State
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