Is Buhari and NAPTIP conniving with the British Embassy to humiliate Nigerian Ladies travelling abroad? By Olusola Osineye

The humiliation of Nigerian ladies by the British embassy officials at the Nigerian airports has continued unabated and Nigerians are speaking out against this ill-treatment meted to Nigerian ladies  who are continuously harassed in their own country simply because of some confused notion about female travelers..Dr Olusola posted this on his Face book wall.
 I wasn't going to put up this update, but had to because I don't really understand if Buhari sanctioned this bullshit or not.
Why do Nigerians treat Nigerians like bullshit? Why do elected officials condone acts that reduce the dignity of Nigerians?
I believe what is currently happening at Nigerians Airport is a directive from very top government officials.
NAPTIP or whatever they call it has decided that all young Female Nigerians travelling to the UK are prostitutes.
Chinese President is currently in the UK and all Chinese Citizens are feeling like superheroes anywhere you see them. That is a reflection of how their public officials have protected the strategic interest of the country, including the well-being of the citizens.
Right inside Nigeria, the officials at MMA have basically given British Embassy Officials free power to arrest and detain Nigerians (mainly Female) travelling to the UK. Such treatment is based on nothing but frivolous suspicion. They will practically strip them naked, detain them then search their phone messages.
These are Nigerians being treated like trash. And this is happening right inside Nigeria.
When someone first reported it, I said it was impossible. I now have information from 8 different ladies confirming this bullshit.
Did Buhari sanction this crap? The rumour out there is that it has something to do with his anti-corruption crusade.
So you have to treat Nigerians like trash because you want to fight corruption?
It doesn't make sense at all. I didn't believe it when I was told by a few people until it happened to someone I know very well. She was treated so badly. And it happened right inside Nigeria. They seized her phones, laptop, passport; she could not travel. NATPIP or whatever it is then took her to a detention center. She claimed three other ladies were arrested with her on the same day. They did all these stuff based on suspicion.

What saved her was that one of the girls had another phone hidden in her bra. She was then able to call home. How can this happen to Nigerians inside Nigeria? And then maybe explore the option of raising publicity so that the public will be aware of the bullshit. If the activity is pushed into public domain and enough noise is raised there's a possibility that someone high up might be responsible enough to listen and do something about the crap.

There's no accountability in Nigeria, but people have to still try.
We hope this gets to the President’s ears. Nigerians deserve to be treated with respect.

Dr Olusola Osineye wrote from London
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