Myth: Why women love the men with good sense of humour

While each one of us are dealing with issues in our lives on a daily basis, be it at work or our personal lives, laughter, often, is the therapy we all like to turn to. Given below are the reasons why women these days choose men with a sense of humour over the oh-so-serious ones.

They make the journey worthwhile
With their brilliant sense of humour, you will never have a dull moment in their company. They will make sure you are always entertained. The emphasis is on letting you have a good time when you are with them.

They can make any situation better
You can vouch for them to enlighten any dull conversation. They will easily make the situation so much lighter with their smart, but sensitive sense of humour, however tense the scenario is or even when you are worried about anything. They know when to crack that right joke which will cheer everyone up instantly.

They strike a chord instantly
With their effervescent personality, they can easily strike a chord with anyone within no time. Take him along to meet your group of friends and he'll end up being the Mr. Popular among them with his wit. They easily get along with people, which is great for you as you never have to worry about him feeling out of place anywhere.

They ooze confidence and charm
They are extroverts and are extremely confident about themselves. They know that they can charm anyone with their spontaneous funny lines and chilled-out attitude. In fact, they even know how to get out of the silliest of situations with utter confidence. Women like men who are confident in their moves in every way.

You will always make heads turn
Wherever you are, be it on a cosy candle light dinner or in a really intense movie, you will often break into laughter, thanks to his wit. You will be the centre of attraction anywhere you go. While other couples are either busy with their phones or talk about serious things in life most of the time, you and your partner will be the target of their envious glances for the happiness that surrounds you.

For the long haul
Funny men make awesome life partners as your life will always be a party. While marriage brings along a great deal of responsibilities, having a partner who can share them with minimum fuss and more happiness is a real treat. Moreover, these men make good fathers as they are great with kids too, thanks to their crazy sense of humour.

Why so serious?
It's not that these men never take things seriously and poke fun at everything that comes their way. They are equally passionate and serious about relationships and matters of importance. However, their sense of humour is a bonus as it simply adds to their charm that makes sure everyone around them always wears a smile.

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