8 irresistible photos of Rotimi Amaechi that perfectly captures real life moments

Rotimi Amaechi is one of the most talked-about politicians in Nigeria.
You either loathe him or love him- you simply can’t be indifferent about the new Minister of Transport.
Here are a selection of some of his animated photos that perfectly explain real-life situations.
  1. When your son wants to collect pocket money and you’re rushing to go and clear goods at the port.
  2. When you are using your eyes to tell the girl sitting across that you want to inject money into her life.Amaechi12
  3. When you are at a wedding and you are wondering why they’ve not started sharing food.Amaechi13
  4. When your loyal friend calls to tell you that your crush has broken up with her boyfriend.Amaechi14
  5. Hello? It’s me.Amaechi15
  6. “I’m very sorry sir. This is my first time. It won’t repeat itself.”
  7. When saying it is not enough and you need to describe your manner of approach.ezgif.com-add-text (1)
  8. When your future is so bright that you have to shade it with your future. Shading your future with your future. Shadception.Amaechi20

Culled from Ynaija 
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