Social Media and the birth of the intelligentsia cult- Teekay Akin

Social Media and the birth of the Intelligentsia cult

Social Media gives an illusion of importance to many a people. It makes them assume more than they actually are. Gone are the days when to have a voice you actually had to be intelligent and be able to back up your claims and words with verifiable facts. Nowadays, a keyboard - desk or mobile and you're the next best thing since sliced bread.

The majority see it as an avenue to display their new found intelligence. It is a growing cult that surely will soon become a religion.

From those that will tell us ancient Africa was just Egypt, to the 'hotep' at the end of every sentence gangs, to the ones who chase interracial relationships and pant saggers around the block, to the homophobes who claim homosexuality as a white agenda, to the ones that claim feminism is also an agenda to destroy the Black family or a woman simply working is an agenda.

From those who claim to support life just right until the child is born and then turn around and call the parents irresponsible and the child a gangster or ho, to those who tell us our women must be fully clad like onions to gain respect, to those who assume they have the key on trends and fashion and must tell everyone else what they must dress like.

From those who try to tell us what 'African Spirituality' is and what it entails as a single entity, to those who tell us about something called 'African culture', to those who tell us Jesus and Muhammad were Black and existed, to those who tell us Africans are the Jews and the bible was about us, to those who claim various Jewish tribes and those who claim their ancestors came from Mecca.

From those who exalt veganism and make a cult followership of it, to those who try to dictate what we can and can't eat to us, to those who diagnose our diseases online and proffer medicine and solutions, to those who just out-rightly bash us for loving meat, to those who denounce the pig in a new manner.

From the Nigerians who make wrong choices at elections only to come forward a few weeks after and display their intelligence on what the government is doing wrong, to those who pray and hope the government fails so they can have something to say, to those who have build up fairy tales in the sky, lost touch with reality and get mad when Nigeria doesn't become their wonderlands over night.

From those who are saints themselves and thus assume politicians should be saints, to those who have lost touch with reality and want a Utopia, to those who assumed democrazy was the solution, to those who assumed APC or PDP was the solution.

From those who still tell you some god is the way and prayer is key, to those who tell you without the European, Africa would have had no civilisation, to those who assume some dead fictional jew and arab pedophile came to save them, to those who assume some god somewhere looks out for them specially and is concerned with their need for a car while 26,000 children die daily, to those who assume to want to live forever.

From those who have been bestowed with the imaginary mantles of culture-keepers and freedom-fighters, to those who will hypocritically defend an idea simply because it cuddles their egos and sentiments, to those who will ignore the facts simply because their brother or sister is the one churning the lies, to those who will cling unto the ghosts of past politicians.

The list is endless...

Most of these ideas aren't new to our societies but with the advent of social media we have seen the birth of a cult, a cult whose principal tenet is - 'Look and Sound intelligent, at all cost'

And people will go to any length to achieve that even if it's detrimental to them. They will rather watch their homes burn, so that they can come online and smartly denounce what started the fire and how and why no one put it out.

It's the birth of a cult and the end is quite dangerous from what I can predict. Yes, it gives you the idea to air your views and even me getting this across, but for the majority, at what cost?

By Teekay Arabambi Akin (Akin Adeseye)
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