Tinubu's true position on defectors to APC.

APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has shared his thoughts on the recent influx of defectors from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) into the All Progressives Congress (APC). He said there is nothing anyone can do about the defections as there was a freedom principle which allows citizens to associate with any organisation or political party they want.
“You can’t stop that. You cannot discriminate against that. There is nothing we can do about that. We cannot prevent people from coming in, the more the merrier, the better, the competitiveness,” he said in Ibadan, the Oyo capital on Sunday, while advising the builders of APC to be tolerant but always check intrusion of corruption and injustice into the party.
The last time some sections of the media reported that Tinubu spoke about PDP defectors and Pres. Muhammadu Buhari, it turned out to be a fabricated interview which Tinubu never granted. The reports falsely quoted the APC leader to have said, ”It is even possible that President Buhari already has a successor in mind. And the danger is this; at the fullness of time, these PDP defectors, will form an unholy alliance with some politicians in APC and across the board, to thwart the President’s succession plan. And that will be the end of the APC, and a new rising for the PDP.”
Continuing,the reports claimed that Tinubu said he was ”not elated about the news of former senators, and even serving ones, defecting to the APC. Even if a governor from the opposition defects today, I will not celebrate it. I think the President should be leery and extremely cautious of these PDP defectors, and should not give them any serious responsibilities. Because at the appropriate time, they will manifest great evil and disaster against the President and the APC.”
Tinubu later released a statement saying that he ”has never publicly commented on the defections of people from the PDP, much less making derogatory remarks about the phenomenon. In fact, if you check, he has welcomed many former PDP members into the APC,” he said.
Meanwhile, in Ibadan on Sunday, Tinubu also spoke about the state of the economy, saying that the government needs to get creative and innovative in providing solutions. “We keep talking about diversification of the economy. It is always on the drawing board. We never implemented it. There are so many ways to create and revitalise this economy; it is not as bad into the future as people make it appear,” he said.
“The past is nauseating, terrible. There has never been any principle of good governance in the past. It has been cesspool of corruption,” he said.
The former Lagos governor further stated that Nigeria is not the only country that is affected by the effect of this oil crisis. ”We have to be more creative in a way that will not hurt the welfare of the people,” he said. ”“We need to look inwardly. There are so many ways and we are blessed to really create local demand, improve our disposable income and manage our own economy. We have the resources, people and the blessing of both weather and mineral resources but it will take time.
“There is a gestation, rearrangement and reengineering necessary for the economy to be beneficial to the people. We must be patient, we must persevere and the leadership must be creative in order to rejuvenate the economy. Just bear with us,” he said.

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